Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I'm not dead...

...yet. Wooh, a month already since my last post, it's going so fast. I'm so busy right now with our end of the year expo coming up with all the deadlines for our projects...

I'm still working on the backgrounds so I won't update anything related to the SuperHero animation(if anyone got a name for it, please...). So many things left to do and not so much time, it's gonna get really tense towards the end and my frequency of posting may be the same as it was recently. So, for you to wait until my next awesome post(yeah, modesty is my middle name :D) here is a couple of links to look at whenever you've got some time to kill:

This one is a cover made by a good friend of mine. He sings so well, it kinda anoys me... I almost like this cover more than the original but I can't tell him(his middle name is modesty too hehehe). He's got some others if you want to check them out.

This one is an awesome 3d movie made by the French school "Les Gobelins". One day, in a distant future, I may get to their level... I love the colours and chara-design :).

I should have all my drawings and backgrounds done by the end of this week which gives me 3 weeks to trace off all the animation in Flash(CS4 sucks by the way...) and add a couple of effects. I believe I can do it in time, otherwise I will have to delete a couple of scenes which I don't want to. We'll see soon enough anyway.

Until next time, enjoy!