Wednesday, 23 September 2009

3d Turn Around

3d model of my 1st character. I may do another one for my new character if I ever get the time :P

The quality isn't great but I didn't want to spent to much time on the rendering of this one as it's not my main project. Anyway, see you soon for a couple of backgrounds :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New Character Design

Hey guys! Quick update to show my new Hero. She's a lot more girly, hopefully people won't think of her as a boy :P

Tomorrow a bit of 3D, See you!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Super Hero Animation: The Animatic

For those who don't know what an animatic is, it's just a bunch of pictures taken from the storyboard, put together to get a sense of timing(which is really important making an animation).

(Sorry, I can't get this one to be embed within the post)

It's not going to be a YouTube video in the end(the file size was huge, even for a crappy result with a big compression...). So this is my animatic for the Super Hero Animation. One of the first thing I'm going to change (due to many comments I've got from friends) is Cleo's design. She doesn't seem to be girly enough as every people I've shown this to, thought it was a boy. I made all the music from loops I got from the internet except the one when Cleo is flying off with the candies(Another Life by The Faraway Places) so it's not that great but it fits in pretty well with the animation(actually it's the other way around :P). See you soon for more update on this project :).

Monday, 14 September 2009

Super Hero Animation

Still need to find a better title for this one... Alright, this project is the biggest I've worked on so far. It's my end-of-the-year exam which means I still/only have 8 weeks to get it done(a bit more counting the holidays, yeah that's right, I DO work on holidays saddly...). 

The Storyline:
The original story was about bad guys robbing a bank, a Super Dude sees them and decides to stop them. We were given only this part of the story, we had to come up with the ending.

 Mine's a bit different, it's about a Evil Company "Evil & Co"(original, I know :D) whose CEO is a little girl named Eris(wikipedia is your friend). She decides to rob a candy store for herself, so she use her evil minions to get the job done but it doesn't go the way she wanted to thanks to Cleo(name still to be changed, eventually). You'll get a better idea once I post the animatic tomorrow.

The Characters:
  • Cleo: Hero of the story, well almost... She is really young(around 7/8 y-o), she's got a weakness for candy and she's got super power(all of them are still unknown, but so far she can fly and she is really cute, yes, it is a super power!)

  • Hero

  • Eris: CEO of Evil & Co. She's got a Evil Rabbit(a really vicious species) and she's only thinking of bad ways to obtain what she wants.

Evil & Co
The characters keep changing as I'm animating but they pretty much look like this, except for the 3 bad guys who are going to look a lot more like rabbits/animals(unless I find a better design).  The car was "inspired" by Ant Hill Mob's one in the "Wacky Races".

See you tomorrow for the animatic :).

Edit: I changed the pictures for thumbnails as the blog cut out a bit on their right, just click on them to get a full picture(if anyone knows how to get rid of the huge margin on the left...)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Basic actions

This one is from last year, it's a linetest of basic actions a character would be using in animation/game:

As I had some free time, I decided to do another one: Brains over Muscles. They were supposed to be played together, just use your imagination ;).

Reminder: Add a Play/Pause button to the linetests...


Really short and simple linetest inspired by "Help I'm Alive" from Metric and Kid Paddle(a comic book). Enjoy!

YouTube Videos

Here are some of my works from last semester. The animation with the monkey is supposed to be a joke but because of my crappy voice you might not get it(all the voices in this animation are mine, modified through Audacity). It was created and animated in Flash. "Arnie checks in" was also drawn in flash, scenes put together in AfterEffects and the audio was given to us. The character performance is a linetest put together in ToonBoom, the audio was also provided. All characters are mine:

More to come once I get my .swf uploader to work properly :P

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Hi guys! So this blog is about different pieces of work I've done the last couple of years and the ones I'm currently working on. Feel free to comment :).