Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Super Hero Animation: The Animatic

For those who don't know what an animatic is, it's just a bunch of pictures taken from the storyboard, put together to get a sense of timing(which is really important making an animation).

(Sorry, I can't get this one to be embed within the post)

It's not going to be a YouTube video in the end(the file size was huge, even for a crappy result with a big compression...). So this is my animatic for the Super Hero Animation. One of the first thing I'm going to change (due to many comments I've got from friends) is Cleo's design. She doesn't seem to be girly enough as every people I've shown this to, thought it was a boy. I made all the music from loops I got from the internet except the one when Cleo is flying off with the candies(Another Life by The Faraway Places) so it's not that great but it fits in pretty well with the animation(actually it's the other way around :P). See you soon for more update on this project :).

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  1. Quel travail!
      Je trouve la petite fille super jolie moi ^ ^ et j'aime bien tes dessins.