Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Customized MSN smileys

Yeah! 1st "creative" post of 2010 hehehe. It's not much but I'll try to keep them coming :).

So this was done 'cause I was sick and tired of these ugly default msn smileys. It doesn't have all of them but all the ones needed for a basic msn conversation(Except for the crying one and ">.<" face which I may take care of anytime soon).

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You may use them if you wish, but there wouldn't be any point in doing so as I made them for myself lol.

I got a request from a good friend of mine for a girl version of it, it should be up before the end of this week :D.

PS: If one of these ever pop up in one of your msn talk, please give a link to my blog hehehe.

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