Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Doctor X final render

Here it is! Couple of hours modeling, texturing, rigging and lighting for a quite good result I think:

(click to enlarge)

Still not so good with the texturing part but it's getting there. The rigging was way more easier than for the robot, just had to be careful with the coat since it's a separate object from the body. The 3d model turns out to be not as expressive as the 2d one, still ok though. Smoke done in photoshop with the custom brushes from:here

Things to consider for the next model:
-try to get a cleaner mesh, it makes it so much easier to UVmap later on...
-get some good references for the textures. I made them all from scratch with a couple of reference pictures not of the best quality.
-a bit more planning when it comes to rigging(which I had to start over a couple of times for missing details)

BTW, the occlusion pass looks so cool!

Not the best quality here, saved from tiff to jpeg so lost of the alpha channel=> weird outline around the character, also not from the final render but from a render test i did earlier.

Next time, some concept sketches for a monster!

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  1. Cooool.....

    Damn! you are getting better and better.