Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Character Model Sheet: Robot

Almost a month since my last post, about time to add something new :).

I've been working on this for the last couple of weeks, it's part of one of my first assessments this semester. It consists in designing a robot and make it in 3d while trying to stay as close to the design as possible.

I tried to design a cute robot for this one but as I started to add details, the head wouldn't match with the body anymore. So after a huge amount of drawings and a lot of inspiration from this :P, I got to this point:
Lined up in Flash and trace off all nice and clean hehehe:

HYDRAULIX is the name of the fake company given to us in the assessment brief.
It's low-rez ,doesn't have any highlights or shadow and the perspective is a bit off on the front view but there is the basic shape of the model+the colors. This is more than enough to take it to the next step: 3D modelling.

I've already started modelling(using Maya this year, so far I like it better than 3ds Max) but more on that next time!


  1. This is a really nice design for robot. He looks mean but also cute at the same time. You have a style that is uniquely yours. Somehow I can see your personality in it. Congrats Alex!

    Gossip Girl :-)

  2. hyou evangelion en référence ca promet, j'aimerais bien voir ce que ca donnera au final =)

  3. Hello, I did a 3D model of you Hydraulix and Uploaded it on Deviant Art, I noted you I hope thats fine with you.

    Here is the Link. If you dont want it to be there tell me and I'll take it off :)